Advantages of crypto trading

Advantages of crypto trading2018-11-13T16:57:20+04:00

Cryptocurrencies are slowly penetrating and becoming an integral, irrefutable part of the economy. Trading cryptocurrencies have also attracted a lot of investors and traders lately. If you haven’t started yet, its time to play catch up now.

Are you feeling left out on the cryptocurrencies rally?

Trading cryptocurrencies with small investments are made possible. The contract for difference (CFD) enables you to trade cryptocurrencies with a small margin. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple with an investment of $100.

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What will I do if the cryptocurrencies slump?

It gets even better. You can short-sell cryptocurrencies. You don’t need to have cryptocurrencies to initiate. When a negative news surfaces, you can short sell and make profits. So, the direction does not stop you from trading cryptocurrencies. You will be in profits end of the day even if the cryptos in a loss that day.

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Why should I be trading cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets. They are not bound to any economy or country. It can withstand any recession or downfall. Furthermore, it gives a sense of freedom and privacy to investors. Hence, many investing geeks believe crypto to replace Gold. Do you want to miss out trading cryptocurrencies?

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Tax-free and Low Fees

Cryptocurrencies are not structured or monitored by an economic powerhouse. Hence the profits earned by trading cryptocurrency are entirely tax-free. The transaction costs are less compared to other investment avenues.

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Trading Cryptocurrencies 24×7

You can trade 24×7. The market never ceases to function. So if you are in a day job and want to make extra bucks, this is the best place to do so. We make it even easy. Learn trading strategies from FRXE trading school for free and then start trading cryptocurrencies.

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No pattern day trader rule

If you are from the US, the pattern rule prohibits you from trading more than 3 times a week, if you’re with less than $250,00 investment. This rule doesn’t stipulate. Hence you are free to trade as many times as possible.

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Open a demo account, try out your trading skills.

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