FIX Bridge

FIX Bridge2018-11-08T15:47:54+04:00

We use Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol for all our order application messages. The FIX bridge  enables to transfer data securely and swiftly across the liquidity providers. The orders of ECN accounts and our liquidity partners are also transferred and executed via FIX protocol. We aggregate a large volume of orders and pass on to banks and leading financial institutions across the globe instantly with the cutting edge technology. Hence, we provide the best rates at the lowest transaction cost possible.

  • We don’t hedge against you

    If you’re wondering whether we trade against you, we can’t. The FIX protocol makes sure of it.

  • The single point to multipoint

    The FIX protocol connects all the liquidity pools through a single point of connection.

  • Reliable and Neutral

    The hub displays the buy and sell side orders, imposing transparency vehemently.

  • Cost-effective

    Versatile, rich features with evolving technology offering best rates the lowest cost.