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FRXE understands the importance of your privacy and has put in place stringent measures to safegaurd your personal information. We review the measures periodically to prevent loss or unauthorized access to your information.

The privacy policy (from now on, “Policy”) applies to both the personal information you give us voluntarily, either by using our services or by directly contacting us through the mail, phone, etc., and we collect from you through our website. This policy provides a detailed insight into what we gather, how we use it, how we secure and whom we share your information. This policy applies to the affiliated websites through which we collect data but does not apply to third-party sites or other organizations.

What you provide

There are specific information mandatory to use our services namely name, age, email id, telephone number. And there is certain non-mandatory information such as your address that you provide us. Both these information fall under this category. This includes the information you provide when:

  • Make an inquiry of our product through email
  • Sign up for MyFRXE services
  • Subscribing to our publications, promo materials through our website or a third-party website.
  • Sign up for bonus, contest or survey programmes
  • Providing feedback

The requirement and the need for the information will be conveyed to you while collecting the information. If the reason was not accentuated, you can always contact us via support@frxe.com, and get to know why certain information was asked from you.

What we collect automatically

We receive certain information default or automatically, the moment you visit our website. The information that we get: IP address, the unique identification number of the device, device type, browser type, geographic location and other information. We do also get how you entered our website and what you browsed on our website.

These information helps us to provide a better experience to our clients and users. Knowing where you come from and what you like helps us to show you the similar content of interest to you. However, this information is mainly used for the analytical purpose to enhance the quality of your experience. We collect the above-said information through cookies as well.

To whom and when we disclose your information

We disclose your personal information in either one of these circumstances. We do not rent, sell or trade information to third parties except under these circumstances herein:

  1. To our group companies, third-party services provide and data servicing partners. Our partners and we use the information to provide service to you. The information shared is limited to personal information but not the personally identifiable information. For example, we will provide our partners that ‘A’ number of clients access our service from ‘B’ location but not the name, phone number and email id of ‘A’.
  2. We disclose your information in the following instances too: (i) To law enforcement or judicial entities as mandated by law or by court order or to cooperate with a legal investigation (ii) to defend or exercise our rights or your obligations (iii) to uphold your vested interest or the rights, interest of us or any other (iv) with your prior consent to a third party.

When we need your information legally

When we enter into a contract with you, we may require your information to conclude the contract for legitimate reasons. We might also request your information when we need to comply with legal proceedings or other vital interests. In that case, we will explicitly specify the need, relevancy the use for the details. If we collect information to uphold your legitimate interest, we will define the need and reason clearly and explicitly to you.

Why we need your information

To serve you

  • Name, country of residence, address, and other similar information to verify your identity, register as a client and deliver our services.
  • Email address, telephone number, webpage, messenger IDs, and similar to contact you, register as a client and deliver our services.
  • National identity documents -passport, identity card, residential documents or permit to validate you as mandated by regulatory agencies and open trading account.
  • Bank account details, credit/debit card numbers and holder name, documents illustrating the origin of capital (if needed) and other similar details to facilitate and process your deposit and withdrawal requests and as mandated by regulatory agencies.
  • Miscellaneous documents – Political exposure documents and waivers to comply with the stipulated regulations.

Anti-money laundering, Regulatory and Legal requirements

We collect transactional, identity and financial data to comply with laws and stipulated regulations. We may submit the information to the relevant government body if requested. The transactional and financial information will be checked for violation of anti-money laundering laws and to comply with the ‘know your client’ obligations.

For marketing purpose

We obtain the contact information with your consent to provide updates about our offers, newsletters and other publications for marketing activities.

Your Rights

  • You can request and obtain a copy of your information we hold about you
  • You can update the incorrect information by yourself or request us to do us.
  • You can request us to transfer the information to another service provider which we hold about you. We will process the request if it is feasible for us to do so. We might decline the request if it is not feasible for us or in the best interest of us.
  • You may request us to stop processing your information. However, on exercising the right, you might not be able to use some of our services.
  • You may request us to discard or delete the information we have about you. We might comply only if there are not any legal ramifications.
  • The consent which we obtain from you for any activity can be taken back from you anytime you wish. However, it doesn’t prohibit the lawfulness of processing, to which you have given consent earlier.
  • To opt-out of our marketing programmes and activity, you can unsubscribe from the program anytime you want.

Security measures

We deploy proper and adequate measures as prescribed by regulatory authorities to safeguard your information. Specifically, we:

  • Keep personal information in digital form in secure servers and secure facilities.
  • Use high secure encryptions to transmit data.
  • Reinforce servers with Firewalls and authentication systems to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Periodically review our storage standards and data collection policies- physically and electronically and upgrade when needed.
  • Restrict access of information of third party service providers and share information only after stringent confidential contract executions.

International Data Transfer

To provide efficient services, we might need to transfer data to third-party services located in other countries. The service provider’s country may or may not have strict data protection laws. However, we will implement necessary measures and contracts to safeguard your personal information securely.

Data Retainment

The personal data will be retained as long as needed to execute your requests and for the purposes stated in this policy. However, we will not retain your data thereafter.

Automated Decisions

We use computerized algorithms, programs to make decisions. Your personal information might be used for automatic decision making such as profiling. These decisions may or may not legally affect you. However, you always reserve the right to contest the decisions made about you.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are the text files placed in your system. It stores information about the visits you made on a particular website. We access these files to collect data and thereby improve your user experience.

Cookies Used

Necessary Cookies: It is necessarily required to operate our website. It helps you to log into secure areas like MyFRXE and use our basic features.

Performance Cookies: It is used to know how often our website is accessed, the mode of access and the tool or search engine used for access.

Target Cookies: It stores your visit to our website, the contents you have accessed and the links you have clicked. It is used to collate relevant information and information of interest to you.

You reserve the complete right to block or modify cookie settings. The browser settings may vary according to the browser and if you choose the option to block all cookies, some functionalities may not be available for you.

Mobile Analytics

We use mobile analytics software to collect data about our app and its mobile functionality. Data such as how often use the app, aggregated usage, the purpose of usage are received and recorded. However, we do not link your data with the mobile analytics software.

To know about about our Risk Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, click here.

Any queries related to privacy policy can be addressed to support@frxe.com.