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Risk Management: #9 tips to master the finesse art in Forex trading

Forex Risk Management 'Higher the risk, greater the return' - the most cited excuse by traders when they take on a risky endeavor. But they tend to conveniently forget that risky trades have a low success rate too. Also, generally in trading (in most cases), the number of losses exceeds profits. Traders overcome this predicament by earning more profits in their successful trades.  Hence, risk management takes precedence over strategy in Forex trading. Because to stay long in the league, one needs to cut short his losses and make the most whenever he is right. What is risk management in Forex [...]

Risk Management: #9 tips to master the finesse art in Forex trading2019-03-12T10:31:02+04:00

Forex basic terms: Pip, Leverage and margin

A pip is the smallest unit of measurement in Forex Trading. Pip refers to the fourth decimal of the currency quote if the currency pair has either fourth or fifth decimal value. If the pair quotes only decimals up to second or third, then pip is the second decimal value. Japanese yen pairs are the ones that quote up to two or three decimal. For better understanding, let us define the currency quote first What is a Currency Quote? A currency quote refers to the value to which one currency is exchanged for the other. As you are aware [...]

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