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Relative Strength Index | How to trade the RSI Indicator?

RSI IndicatorJ.Welles Welder built an indicator to identify the strength of the market movement, rather than just comparing the highs and lows and termed it as Relative Strength Index. The Relative Strength Indicator defines the overbought and oversold zones of the market and the RSI crossover from the zones signals a profit booking (correction) rally or trend reversal. So when the trend bucks, make bucks with the RSI Indicator.Relative Strength Index- The momentum oscillatorRelative Strength Index ranges only between the values of 0-100. It does not extend its value as the price moves. Instead, it confines the strength and momentum [...]

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Fundamental vs Technical Analysis: #9 differences that matter

For starters, there are two types of analysis- fundamental and technical analysis. The former calls the later as pseudoscience or voodoo science, while the latter shrugs it off saying ‘as long as I’m in profit, what matters’. But, for a new trader, a question always lingers in mind, which side he/she should opt in- Fundamental vs Technical Analysis. Let us have a brief glimpse of what is what, first. Fundamental Analysis It is the study of accounting books of a company, its stakeholders, and the management’s competency to deliver profits, in the case of stocks. In forex, it turns [...]

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