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Mastering Bollinger Bands | Bollinger Band squeeze uncovered

What is Bollinger Band? Bollinger Bands are developed by John Bollinger to identify and to take advantage of the volatility in the market. It consists of a simple moving average and two standard deviations of the same moving average known as the bands. The bands move parallel, in tandem, with the moving average. The most commonly used simple moving averages in Bollinger band are  20 SMA and 25 SMA. The two main applications of Bollinger bands are to identify - consolidation, by Bollinger band squeeze - the overbought and oversold condition in a sideways market. The bandwidth of the [...]

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Technical Analysis – The art of forecasting supply and demand

There are two factions in market analysis. One being technical analysis and the other being fundamental analysis. Both the camps are extreme and contrast. They diverge in their view and the method of analysis but converge at one point- forecasting. Technical Analysis Technical Analysis is a technique to infer the supply and demand for an asset.  The inference is made upon the studies of the historical price action and psychology of the investors. It disregards the study of the intrinsic value of the asset and analyzing the politico-economic news. Well, from the outset, it might seem ridiculous, but it isn’t. [...]

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